H&J International Company – Blockchain Technology

H&J company was established in 2020, is an Internet service provider with a total solution ranging from software development (R&D), operation & maintenance management, Internet promotion (SEO / SEM) to Internet e-commerce services.

The company has set up branches throughout Asia and has already established stable and long-term cooperative relationships with many customers worldwide.

Blockchain technology is in the spotlight of the tech world. Nowadays, our Company is moving towards blockchain system development to improve our business models, payment methods and cloud storage, etc.

Company Introduction

Our team had decided to establish a separate company in Kyiv, Ukraine. We believe that with the combination of Ukrainian and Asian developers’ skills, we can go further and reach new heights together in our projects.

The company is located in one of the business hubs of Kyiv, near the Vystavkovyi tsentr metro station.

Office Environment

The office environment is spacious and cosy. Floor- to-ceiling windows let the sunshine directly into the office area, like a bunch of shiny gold threads, that not only illuminating the office but also illuminating everyone’s heart. This office best suits personnel needs and facilitate the working process.


HR – Committed to the highest development in the company’s human resources and the service support of the logistics support system.

Support – Committed to groundwork support on the daily basis. Needs of office, operation, resources, etc.

Finance – Committed to accounting, cost control, financial services management and financial operations.

Developer – Committed to provide the company with the software design, development, operation and maintenance, etc.

Company Goal

Integrity & Cooperation

Treat people with integrity, do things in a cooperative manner, and establish the company’s reputation for genuine cooperation.


Constantly summarizing experiences, developing new technologies in the field, and advancing new trends of the industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer-centric mindset, procurement of high-quality products, customer’s satisfaction is our company main objectives.

Sustain Growth

In accordance with the market condition, combined with the company’s resources, we expand the market and operations on an ongoing basis.

Employee Benefits

Employees who join our company can enjoy the benefits that are listed below:

Vacation Leave

Team Building

English Courses

Medical Insurance

Festive Allowances