Product Manager

  • Responsible for researching blockchain products currently on the market especially for game field, planning and formulating blockchain product roadmap, and outputting research and analysis reports, product planning instructions and other documents.
  • Responsible for the demand analysis and design of blockchain products, output documents such as product prototype, product function design, product requirement specification, etc., and coordinate internal and external resources to promote product development and launch.
  • Continue to analyze industry trends, customer cases, competitive products in the industry, and combine customer feedback to continuously improve the differentiated competitiveness of products.
  • Conduct research on relevant competing products and community needs, pay attention to C-end user data, and design corresponding product forms and functions based on user characteristics and scenarios.
  • Collaborate with UIUX, R&D, BD and other personnel to build the entire product system and business process.


  • Bachelor degree or above, computer related majors are preferred with more than 3 years of product-related work experience.
  • Have a deep understanding and strong interest in blockchain product technology, and experience in successful blockchain projects is preferred.
  • Strong logical thinking and summary ability, good at process sorting, demand analysis and productization of innovative business, with clear product design ideas, excellent team spirit and self-management ability, fluent English communication skill.
  • Familiar with product design methods and design tools, able to independently complete demand research and analysis, prototype design, PRD documents.
  • Good understanding of Scrum agile development, more than 2 years of project management experience, good at using project management tools (E.g Jira) to promote rapid product development.
  • Experience in Web3 is a must.

Nice to have:

  • Understand the product structure of the blockchain industry, and have own understanding of the blockchain field, business status and future development.
  • Knowledge of concepts such as Ethereum, Defi, NFT is preferred.
  • Experience with GameFi or any game industry is preferred.

What do we offer?

  • Above market salary
  • Holidays, festive bonuses
  • 24 days of paid vacation per year
  • Medical insurance
  • Fully remote but still have comfortable office in Kyiv