Our Product

The mission of our product is to support online game and DeFi application of the decentralized web, (which is also stand for WEB3), to achieve more open and fair online gaming environment. Our core project is Alpha One network – a Polkadot/Substrate based on multi-chain public chain.

While Polkadot protocol provides basic parachain that is based on blockchain architecture, Alpha One will be built on top of Polkadot with additional features, which are vital for developing full decentralized online gaming application or what we call DApps.

Our team

As a closed cooperated team of engineers working remotely from Hongkong, Japan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Philippines, we are driven by the same value of building best blockchain network for online gaming. Our developers come from different countries, we engage with international clients and projects, that make our developing experience to be one of the kind in quality and diversity.

Our projects

Our team is responsible for researching, developing, maintaining the blockchain, which will be used for supporting different business systems under the same group.

We guide the following projects:

* Alpha One Testnet

* Alpha One Mainnet

* Blockchain explorer

* Blockchain wallet: Web, iOS, Android

* Blockchain development API and documentation

* Core or built-in smart contracts