Our Product

H&J International Company – Blockchain Technology

H&J company was established in 2020, and is an Internet service provider with a total solution ranging from software development (R&D), operation & maintenance management, and Internet promotion (SEO / SEM) to Internet e-commerce services.

The company has set up branches throughout Asia and has already established stable and long-term cooperative relationships with many customers worldwide.

Blockchain technology is in the spotlight of the tech world. Nowadays, our Company is moving towards blockchain system development to improve our business models, payment methods and cloud storage, etc.

The company develops two main products CAPP and DAPP.


CAPP is a B2B gaming platform allowing players to play games in a centralized way using classical client-server architecture while having the ability to verify game fairness utilizing blockchain technologies.

The product was built based on the monolith architecture to enable rapid development and reduce time-to-market time. It can be described as the following:

The high-level architecture of the components can be described using the image below:

The technologies used to develop the product are listed below:

  • Phaser
  • Webpack 
  • Java
  • Maven
  • Websockets
  • MySQL
  • Gitlab
  • Jenkins


The company utilizes blockchain technologies to create decentralized applications (also known as DAPP) that would provide players with the possibility to play games with an absolutely transparent and fair-provable gaming experience enabling them to get instant payouts without any compromises.

One of the core components of our system is the AminoX blockchain developed within the company specifically for fast transaction times allowing us to use it in the gaming industry.

Our approach is to use the right tool for the right task, therefore here is the list of technologies we are using to achieve our goals:

  • Solidity language to implement on-chain DAPP applications
  • NodeJS to interact with the DAPP applications
  • Phaser to deliver awesome UX to the player
  • Java to build the most reliable and scalable back-end platform employing the best DDD and microservice practices to the full extent
  • PostgreSQL as back-end data storage
  • AWS EKS (Kubernetes) to deploy and orchestrate our microservices in a scalable and controllable way
  • GraphQL to deliver type-safe, scalable and convenient API for the client-side
  • Gitlab/Argo CD for the automated delivery process